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In Case Of NFL Lockout, Pac-12 Open To Playing Sunday Football Games

The FX TV deal for next season is one of many options that Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott has pursued to expand the global visibility of the conference. Television is everything in the current college football landscape, where exposure in the digital age ensures a stronger perception of the conference. It's looking like the conference is starting to make its move up into the modern media age.

Another possibility being explored? Well, with an NFL lockout looming, Scott has left himself open to the possibility of moving games to Sunday.

If there's an NFL lockout, would you be ok with Pac-12 football on Sundays? Vote in the poll!

How exactly such an arrangement would work remains to be seen; the NFL can probably resolve its issues at any time and it'd be hard to coordinate to move games back and forth. I'm guessing Scott would make the arrangement for a certain set of games to be played on Sunday contingent on an NFL lockout, even if it means inconveniencing the coaches and players of the teams who won't know about their playing schedules until the very last minute. But it could be a nice way to get big exposure for the football-starved masses, even if they decide the product doesn't match up to the best of the best the NFL has to offer.