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2011 NIT Basketball Tournament Bracket & Picks: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Colorado Buffaloes

The second matchup of the NIT semifinals at Madison Square Garden pits two teams that believe they were snubbed for the right to go to the NCAA Tournament. Their matchup will follow the Washington State-Wichita State game at around 6:30 PM PT/9:30 PM ET on ESPN2.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Ken Pomeroy says ... 107th best offense, 8th best defense. Plays at one of the slowest tempos in college basketball. Great two point defense, solid three point defense. Force a lot of turnovers, steals and blocks.

The weaknesses with Bama are terrible outside shooting from behind the three point line. Also struggle at getting to the free throw line. Turnover prone squad as well.

SB Nation community: Roll Bama Roll

Colorado Buffaloes

Ken Pomeroy says ... 9th best offense, 173rd best defense. Plays at one of the fastest paces in college basketball. Excellent shooting team on all areas of the court.  Strong ball-handling squad that holds on to the rock. Solid offensive rebounding squad. Good at getting looks inside and not having to settle for threes.

The weaknesses with CU are defense. One of the worst three point defenses in the country, pretty weak two point defense as well. They also don't force many turnovers.

SB Nation community: The Ralphie Report

Prediction: I usually take good defense over good offense, since even bad offense should be able to score on bad defense. Could be a close one, but I've got Alabama. Only by a small margin though.