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Sweet 16 Bracket & Predictions: Wisconsin Badgers vs. Butler Bulldogs

After impressive and close victories over the top-seeded Pittsburgh Panthers and fifth-seeded Kansas St. Wildcats in the Southeast regional, Butler and Wisconsin are readying themselves for a big matchup in the Sweet 16 in New Orleans. Let's take a look at how both of these teams match up.

#4 Wisconsin Badgers

Ken Pomeroy says one of the best offenses in the country, pretty good defense, also one of the slowest teams. Highest free throw shooting percentage in the nation, best at ball handling and not turning over the ball. Great defensive rebounding squad as well and forcing opponents into tough shots.

The biggest weaknesses of Wisconsin are they don't force turnovers and they're a poor three point shooting defense. Also, for being one of the best free throw shooting teams, the Badgers barely manage to get to the line.

#8 Butler Bulldogs

Ken Pomeroy says good offense, above-average defense, one of the slowest tempos in the country. Good at handling the ball, solid shooting team, good free throw shooting team, don't get many of their shots blocked or stolen. Strong defensive rebounding team.

The weaknesses of Butler is that they let teams get to the line and they can't force turnovers or block shots.

Prediction: I know I said Pitt would end Butler's run, but apparently they forgot how to hold onto the basketball or defend the three pointer. Although Wisconsin isn't good at three point defense, they shouldn't be handing Butler any extra possessions and force Butler into tougher shots. Wisky is used to playing at Butler's pace, and although it figures to be another close affair with so few possessions at stake, I lean the way of the Badgers. Mushroom, mushroom.