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NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Bracket & Predictions, West Regional: Connecticut Huskies vs. San Diego State Aztecs

Connecticut has had a pretty leisurely road in the NCAA tournament compared to most of their other Big East compatriots--in fact, they're the first team to make it to the Sweet 16, with only the Syracuse-Marquette winner and Notre Dame left to join them.

Now, their road to the West Regional final could not be more difficult, as they'll have to traverse over 3,000 miles cross-country to Anaheim to take on what amounts to a road game against SDSU. Does Kemba Walker have any magic left to keep UConn dancing?

#2 San Diego St. Aztecs

Ken Pomeroy says SD State is a solid offense coupled with an outstanding defense. Very efficient halfcourt offense, and good at getting two point field goals. Great offensive rebounding team. Strong shooting defense, both in two point and three point field goals.

The weaknesses for SDSU are their poor three point shooting and inability to get to the free throw line.

#3 Connecticut Huskies

Ken Pomeroy says UConn enjoys a strong offense and a solid defense that moves at a methodical middle-of-the-road tempo. Great offensive rebounding and great turnover %. Excellent at forcing opposing teams into jump shots. Excellent free throw shooting team.

The weaknesses of UConn is poor shooting from downtown and bad defensive rebounding. They also have trouble getting to the free throw line, which sort of negates their ability to make free throws.

Prediction: San Diego State had to drag themselves to a double overtime victory over a Temple squad that was not their equal in terms of talent, so it definitely has the feel of an "anything can happen" game. However, San Diego State does have a couple of distinct advantages--offensive rebounding. Extra possessions for SDSU against a poor defensive rebounding UConn squad could make all the difference, so let's ride with the Aztecs.