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March Madness Bracket Picks & Preview: Wisconsin Badgers vs. Kansas State Wildcats

Wisconsin and Kansas State will have to do battle in a Saturday primetime matchup to advance to the Sweet 16 in the Southeast Regional. The game is expected to tip off around 5:40 PM PT/8:40 PM ET, with the game being telecast on TNT (click here for the full Saturday schedule).

#4 Wisconsin Badgers

Ken Pomeroy says 2nd best offense in the country, 64th best defense; one of the slowest teams as well. Highest free throw shooting percentage in the nation, best at ball handling and not turning over the ball. Great defensive rebounding squad as well.

The biggest weaknesses of Wisconsin are they don't force turnovers and they're a poor three point shooting defense. Also, for being one of the best free throw shooting teams, the Badgers barely manage to get to the line.

#5 Kansas St. Wildcats

Ken Pomeroy says 51st best offense in the country, 29th best defense; fast-paced team. Excellent at grabbing rebounds, particularly on the offensive glass. Good at forcing turnovers.

The biggest weaknesses of Kansas State are they struggle to handle onto the ball (something Wisconsin rarely exploits because they don't force turnovers) and keep teams off the foul line (something Wisconsin does not do despite their excellent FT shooting). Unlike Wisky though, they do not shoot free throws well.

Prediction: This is an ideal matchup for K-State. They're a better defensive squad, and they foil really well with an excellent three point offense to counter Wisconsin's porous three point defense. Add in their rebounding prowess, their ability to force turnovers, and the low number of possessions, and Kansas State is my pick in this matchup to pull off a close victory.