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NCAA Tournament Bracket Picks, West Regional: Arizona Wildcats vs. Memphis Tigers

Arizona and Memphis is the second of four matchups taking place in the Tulsa regional. The winner will take on the Texas-Oakland winner from earlier this morning (click here for the Friday schedule). The game will be on CBS at 2:45 PM PT/11:45 AM ET.

Let's take a look at each team.

#5 Arizona Wildcats

Ken Pomeroy says 17th best offense, 71st best defense, average pace. 7th most efficient shooting team, able to score from most areas of the court thanks to likely All-American Derrick Williams. Also one of the best teams at getting to the line (and great at shooting free throws when they get there) and a great defensive rebounding group.

The weaknesses with Arizona are interior defense. One of the easiest teams in the tournament to score on inside, which makes the success of their perimeter defense all the stranger.

#12 Memphis Tigers

Ken Pomeroy says 136th best offense, 64th best defense, faster pace. Great offensive rebounding squad, good at forcing turnovers, decent shooting defense.

The weaknesses with Memphis are shooting threes and defensive rebounding. They also turn the ball over a lot.

Prediction: Arizona should be able to have the advantage in rebounding and sink in on the paint with Memphis's three balls a total non-threat. The Tigers aren't really that good compared to past tournament teams, and probably wouldn't even be here if they hadn't won the C-USA tournament. Arizona.