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Bracket Picks, West Regional: Texas Longhorns vs. Oakland Grizzlies

This is the first game today in Round of 64 action, telecast on CBS at 12:15 PM ET/9:15 AM PT (click here for the full schedule). Here's our brief look at each team.

#4 Texas Longhorns

Ken Pomeroy says...21st best offense, best defense in the country. Middle tempo. Best field goal defense, good at locking teams from outside and inside. Great ball-handling team, great rebounding team, good at getting to the foul line and forcing other teams to take jumpers.

Texas's biggest weakness is they're a bad free throw shooting team, which could do them in a close game. They also don't force turnovers, although their halfcourt defense is so good, it rarely matters.

#13 Oakland, Mich. Golden Grizzlies

Ken Pomeroy says...15th best offense, 200th best defense in the country. Fast-paced tempo. Great shooting team, particularly inside. Good at blocking shots and not getting shots blocked.

Oakland's biggest weakness is they're a bad shooting defense. Their three point defense is among the worst in the country.  They force barely any turnovers.

Prediction: Texas. Oakland probably will be able to go shot for shot and challenge the Longhorn defense as well as anyone, but getting stops (ANY stops) could be a challenge, and that should be the difference down the stretch. (Of course, this is Rick Barnes, so I wouldn't blame you if you hesitated, but this is probably a game even he can't mess up.)