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NCAA Bracket Update: Temple Owls vs. San Diego State Aztecs, West Regional Round Of 32 Preview

After a competitive first half, the San Diego St. Aztecs cruised to victory over their first round opponent, the Northern Colorado Bears. SDSU will now move onto face Temple, who squeaked by Penn State.

#2 San Diego St. Aztecs

Dossier courtesy of Pomeroy: 25th best offense, 4th best defense. Very efficient halfcourt offense, and good at getting two point field goals. Great offensive rebounding team. Strong shooting defense, both in two point and three point field goals.

The weaknesses for SDSU are their poor three point shooting and inability to get to the free throw line.

#7 Temple Owls

Dossier courtesy of Pomeroy: 53rd best offense, 36th best defense. Modestly slow team. Doesn't turnover the ball, average shooting squad, but better at holding other teams down (particularly with regards to two pointers). Strong defensive rebounding team, and really good at keeping teams off the free throw line. Temple's strengths were just enough to squeak them by to the Round of 32 past a tough Penn State team.

The weaknesses for Temple are their pedestrian three point shooting defense and average shooting offense (ranked in the 100s in three point, two point and free throw percentage conversion rate).

Prediction: Temple actually matches up real well in terms of being good at shutting down two point shooting teams, and SDSU has no shooters to stretch the floor. Plus the Aztecs probably won't get many easy points either.. But the Aztecs are definitely a better shooting defense and should be able to lock down on Temple's shooting. San Diego State.