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March Madness Tournament Bracket Predictions, Southeast Regional: BYU Cougars vs. Wofford Terrirers

This is the tenth game of March Madness on Thursday of the 2011 NCAA Tournament. It'll air at 4:15 PM PT/7:15 PM ET on CBS (click here for the full Round of 64 schedule with additional previews of other games). Here's a brief look at both teams.

#3 BYU Cougars

Dossier courtesy of Pomeroy: 8th best offense, 38th best defense, up-pace tempo (23rd fastest in the country); Efficient shooting offense and defense. Great at holding onto the ball. Excellent free throw shooting team. Solid at defensive rebounding and forcing other teams into taking jump shots.

The biggest weakness with BYU is their over-reliance on Jimmer Fredette. He might be one of the best players in the country, but if a team can lock him down defensively they could be in trouble. Not sure if it's coming here though. Also not great at offensive rebounding.

#14 Wofford Terriers

Dossier courtesy of Pomeroy: 42nd best offense, 192nd best defense, slow team in general. Good at shooting (particularly from behind the arc), at getting offensive rebounds, at maintaining possession.

The biggest weakness with Wofford is defense. They are not a good defensive team, giving up way too many trips to the free throw line, they don't get a lot of defensive rebounds, and they are below average in letting teams shoot on them. 

Prediction: Could take awhile, but BYU should eventually roll.