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NCAA Tournament Bracket Predictions 2011, East Regional: Kentucky Wildcats vs. Princeton Tigers

This is the fifth game of March Madness on Thursday of the 2011 NCAA Tournament. It'll air at 2:45 PM ET/11:45 AM PT on CBS. Here's a brief look at both teams.

#4 Kentucky Wildcats

Dossier courtesy of Pomeroy: 7th best offense, 22nd best defense, average tempo (164th). Great shooting offense and great shooting defense. Pretty good rebounding on both sides. Excellent at holding onto the ball, excellent three point shooting offense and strong two point shooting defense. Good at getting blocks.

The biggest weakness with Kentucky is that they're young, again. Famed procurer of one-and-done talent John Calipari had to replace his entire starting lineup, leaving him with three starting frosh carrying the load this season. Youth don't usually win national championships, no matter how talented their lineup is.

#13 Princeton Tigers

Dossier courtesy of Pomeroy: 106th best offense, 82nd best defense, slow tempo (284th). Efficient shooting team (top 50 in three point shooting, top 55 in free throw shooting, top 75 in three point shooting), and goes all out on the defensive glass (sixth best in the nation). They're also a fairly tall team, although not very skilled.

The biggest weakness with Princeton is they're usually a one and done team (no offensive rebounds). They also get a lot of shots blocked and struggle to force turnovers. In their one contest with elite competition (Duke), they lost by 37. And worst of all, they have no depth to counter Kentucky's athleticism.

Prediction: Kentucky blowout. They should have ample opportunities to grab offensive rebounds, and their ability to block shots will make it tough for Princeton to get opportunities inside. Athleticism should rule this one.