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Bracket Predictions, Southwest Regional: Louisville Cardinals vs. Morehead St. Eagles

This is the third game of Thursday's March Madness schedule. Time is at 1:40 PM ET/10:40 AM PT on TBS. Here's our abbreviated breakdown.

#4 Louisville Cardinals

Dossier courtesy of Pomeroy: 39th best offense, 5th best defense. Average tempo. Good shooting offense (particularly with two point field goals), great shooting defense (especially on the outside). Forces a lot of turnovers (as is common with a Rick Pitino team), one of the best steal percentages and block percentages on defense.

The biggest weakness with Louisville is they never, ever, ever get to the free throw line. Which might not be the worst thing, since they're not very good when they get there.  They're also not a great rebounding team.

#13 Morehead St. Eagles

Dossier courtesy of Pomeroy: 109th best offense, 89th best defense. Slow tempo. Decent shooting offense, particularly on two point field goals, and pretty good two point defense too. They get to the line frequently and they are a great rebounding team. Excellent at forcing turnovers too.

The biggest weakness with Morehead State is they can't hold onto the ball. One of the worst teams in the country at turnover %. They also are patently bad at three point defnese.

Prediction: Louisville rout. Turnovers should make all the difference as Morehead State will struggle with the Cardinals press defense as the game wears on. Unless Morehead is able to break that press consistently, hard to see them pulling the upset unless they absolutely wipe out Louisville on the glass.