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March Madness Predictions, 2011 Southeast Regional: Butler Bulldogs vs. Old Dominion Monarchs

This is the second game of Thursday's March Madness schedule. Time is at 12:40 PM ET/9:40 AM PT on truTV. Here's our brief breakdown.

#8 Butler Bulldogs

Dossier courtesy of Pomeroy: 40th best offense, 76th best defense, very slow team (277th). Very good at holding onto the ball and getting defensive rebounds. Solid at shooting, mostly from behind the arc and from the free throw line.

The biggest weakness with Butler is that they have trouble stopping teams with size (a below average two point field goal defense team). They're also not they're great at forcing turnovers and they allow other teams to get to the line.

#9 Old Dominion Monarchs

Dossier courtesy of Pomeroy
: 69th best offense, 49th best defense, glacially slow team (332nd). One of the best rebounding teams in the country--they're the best offensive rebounding team in the tournament and have a great defensive rebounding squad. They also keep teams off the foul line. They're pretty good at guarding twos.

The biggest weakness with Old Dominion is they can't shoot threes and can't guard threes. They also turn the ball over a lot and are terrible at the free throw line.

Prediction: Tossup. Old Dominion's going to crash the boards and Butler's going to rain threes. I'll lean Old Dominion, barely. Another fun one to start March Madness.