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NCAA Bracket 2011: East Region Bracket Features Ohio State, North Carolina

The 2011 NCAA Men’s basketball tournament brackets are now being released and Ohio State has received the number one overall seed. They’ll play in the East region, which is based in Newark. Your other number ones are Kansas, Pittsburgh, and Duke.

This year’s East bracket features Ohio State getting the play-in game winner. Additionally we’ve got a few bubble teams right off the bat including Georgia, Clemson, and UAB. It’s safe to say the Bay Area’s St. Mary’s Gaels are sweating a little bit right now. I think they should be in as an 11 or 12 seed, but it’s tough to tell.

If I had to pick somebody other than Ohio State or North Carolina I’d go with the youthful Kentucky Wildcats. I have a friend who went to Kentucky so maybe I’m a little biased, but I think they could get sufficiently hot. Their dominant win over Florida today showed me something.

1 – Ohio State
16 – Texas-San Antonio/Alabama State

8 – George Mason
9 – Villanova

4 –  Kentucky
13 – Princeton

5 – West Virginia
12 – UAB/Clemson

6 – Xavier
11 – Marquette

3 – Syracuse
14 – Indiana State

7 – Washington
10 – Georgia

2 – North Carolina
15 – Long Island University

Head over to for printable brackets and NCAA tournament updates.