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2011 Pac-10 Basketball Tournament: Kevin O'Neill Suspended On Eve Of Crucial USC-Arizona Semifinal

Well I’m sure USC Trojans fans have to be THRILLED at this news. After USC beat Cal, head coach Kevin O’Neill and his wife decided to engage in some unusual extracurricular activity. Apparently a little drunk from the thrills of victory, they engaged in a verbal sparring match with an Arizona booster, who knew of O’Neill from his abbreviated stint with Arizona basketball. This was witnessed by enough people first-hand that athletic director Pat Haden had no choice but to suspend O’Neill for the rest of the Pac-10 tournament, as his actions reflected poorly on the University.

Now USC must beat Arizona in what is all but likely an NCAA tournament play-in game without their head coach. Assistant coach Bob Cantu takes over on an interim basis and will hopefully try to lead the Trojans to victory in what has to be a very bizarre time to be a Trojan basketball fan.