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Aaron Rodgers And His Championship Belt Invited To WWE Smackdown In Green Bay On Tuesday Night

For those wondering about the story behind Super Bowl champion winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his championship belt celebration, he used it when he was on the Packers scout team to keep the team motivated. Since then, the embellishing has stuck around, and Rodgers has been celebrating all the way to the Super Bowl podium. Check out the image after the jump!

The question here now: Will Rodgers now take his talents into the actual wrestling ring?

WWE has invited Rodgers to show up at their Smackdown event at Green Bay this Tuesday night. Rodgers has been an avid wrestling fan back to his days at Cal, so it'd be hard to see him turning down an appearance here. You'd expect the championship belt would have to be prominently featured. You've got to wonder if Aaron will be able to leave the arena with his prize (well, not really, but still...).

Now if only we can figure out if Ric Flair or Mike Dubajic gave him the belt. Or is this perhaps the setup for the Tuesday night event? Stay tuned.


(Image via Mock Session, click here for animated GIF)