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Aaron Rodgers Hopes Colin Cowherd Thinks He's An Elite Quarterback Now

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For the entire 2011 NFL Playoffs, Green Bay Packers quarterback and Cal football great (AND SUPER BOWL CHAMPION) Aaron Rodgers has been dogged by the lowest common denominator, Mr. Colin Cowherd. He said Rodgers had never won a playoff game; Rodgers checked that off. He said Rodgers had to win a Super Bowl to be a great quarterback; Rodgers not only won it, he dominated it offensively. Worst of all, he compared Brett Favre to U2 and Rodgers to Nickelback, which says WAY more about Cowherd than it does about Rodgers.

Now, Cowherd has no choice but to backpedal. Backpedal like no other, even creating some nonsensical VIP club where only the ELITE Super Bowl winning quarterbacks belong. And Rodgers held his feet to the fire when he came on his radio show this morning. 

Rodgers vs Cowherd (via thebiglead)

The money quote: "Now I hope I can live up to your standards of being an elite quarterback."

You can listen to the full audio of Rodgers torching Cowherd here.

(HT The Big Lead)