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Super Bowl XLV: Green Bay Packers Win, Aaron Rodgers Named MVP

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Super Bowl XLV is officially in the books as the Green Bay Packers held on to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 in a thoroughly entertaining game. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was named MVP after a three touchdown performance and some key passes when they were most needed. Rodgers was 24 of 39 for 304 yards and three touchdowns. Although Ben Roethlisberger had some big passes, the clear difference was Roethlisberger’s two interceptions. Rodgers struggled with his accuracy at times but never made any major mistakes.

The Packers seemed ready to dominate the game as they jumped out to a 21-3 lead late in the second quarter. However, the Steelers put together a big drive to cut the lead to 21-10 at halftime. This provided strong momentum as the Steelers cut the lead to 21-17 in the third quarter. The Packers put together an incredibly poor performance in the third quarter, and yet they somehow emerged with their four point lead intact. The Steelers inability to capitalize on the Steelers poor play cost them in the end.

The Packers took full advantage of their Cal Bears in the fourth quarter. Desmond Bishop scooped up a Rashard Mendenhall fumble on the first play of the fourth quarter. Aaron Rodgers followed that up with an eight play drive that ended in a Greg Jennings touchdown. Mixed in to that was a big 12-yard reception from former San Jose State Spartans wide receiver James Jones to convert a 3rd and 7.

The Steelers scored a touchdown and converted a two point conversion to cut the lead to 28-25, but the Packers used a ten play drive to kick a field goal and take a 31-25 lead with 2:07 left. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger had one last chance to be a hero but he couldn’t make anything happen and the Packers held on for their their fourth Super Bowl.

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