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Aaron Rodgers Credits Jeff Tedford With His Quarterback Development, Part III

As we've stated earlier, Aaron Rodgers has given his college coach, Cal football head coach Jeff Tedford, a lot of credit for his development as an elite NFL quarterback. Rodgers has stated he's gotten the "best of the best" from Tedford's tutelage, and he wouldn't be the quarterback he is without his time as a Golden Bear.

One thing emphasized his is perfect throwing motion. We've already managed to debunk how Tedford did not instruct his pupil to hold the ball higher than normal; the motion was already present before Rodgers arrived at Cal, and Tedford decided not to mess with it.

But what about the throwing motion? Well, the big thing about Rodgers is how quick he can get the ball out of his hands, but also how well he can adjust and find receivers when he's on the run (managing to throw the ball on regular routes, but also finding them when the play breaks down). Combine that with his added arm strength, and he's become a very solid NFL quarterback.

However, perhaps Rodgers deserves as much credit for his development as Tedford does, as Joe Posnanski posits that his work ethic is the reason he is where he is. One thing Tedford has always talked about with reporters was how willing Rodgers was to learn and eat up everything there was about how to be a quarterback. He was willing to put in the work in both the physical and particularly the mental aspects of the game.

So despite all the credit Rodgers gives Tedford, a lot of what occurred with Aaron's evolution as a player probably came from within.