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Super Bowl XLV: Aaron Rodgers Still Single Ladies, According To Mom

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And now of course, to what all the football girl fans care about; is Cal football legend and Green Bay Packers/Super Bowl XLV quarterback Aaron Rodgers still available?

There have been rumors flying around for months linking Aaron to Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr, but nothing has ever been confirmed. There was a Super Bowl bet on whether Rodgers's girlfriend would be shown on FOX on Super Bowl Sunday, but Vegas promptly took the prop off the board after a few days. What is going on?

Aaron's mom, Darla, might hold the answer. It's unfortunately pretty boring.

Darla has said her son hasn't told her anything about his relationship, according to an interview she did with KRCR7. So most likely one of three things is happening.

  • Aaron is lying to his mom about having a relationship. Highly unlikely and highly bizarre. Dismissed.
  • Aaron is a ladies man, but isn't quite yet ready to commit to anyone. Intriguing.
  • Aaron meets a lot of girls, but has no game. Strange that a top five quarterback would need game off the field, but you never know...

More power to you Aaron. I presume notching one more win will earn you much greater credibility in the dating game.

(All for the best probably, since it seems Jessica might have moved onto another guy.)