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2011 NFL Combine: Shane Vereen Runs 4.5 40 Yard Dash, Benches 225 Pounds 31 Times

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Shane Vereen is coming into the NFL Draft under-the-radar with a lot to prove. Having lived in the shadow of the more spectacular Jahvid Best, Vereen hasn't got many chances to showcase his talent to the world. In Indianapolis at the NFL Combine, he's wanted to prove that he can be a reliable, durable every-down back he believes he is instead of the secondary option in a two-back system that many pundits and experts believes he is.

And he seemed to have himself a solid weekend performance.

40 yard dash: 4.5 seconds (8th place among Combine running backs)
Bench press: 225 pounds, 31 reps (2nd place, trailing only Connecticut fullback Anthony Sherman)
Three cone drill: 6.95 seconds (11th place)
60 yard shuttle: 11.58 seconds (9th place)

Nothing extraordinary (like Best's 4.35 speed last season), but there's a lot to like from a running back who can show strength and ability in all facets of the game. There's no doubt Vereen should have elevated himself in the eyes of scouts as someone who can be a grinder in the trenches.