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Aaron Rodgers Seen With Jessica Szohr And Mila Kunis. Just Friends?

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Perhaps the biggest question concerning Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers is his availability. The Green Bay Packers quarterback and Cal football legend has been rumored to be dating Gossip Girl star and Packer fan for life Jessica Szohr, but those reports have been called into question on numerous occasions and there have been plenty of denials (including none other than Aaron's mom). Who knows whether he's single or just making himself available.

Still, there's plenty of reason to believe again. Rodgers was spotted with Szohr in some place in some Hollywood Oscar party (with the video to prove it). Man, they are such good pals.

However, he was spotted with another famed celebrity at the same party. Golden Globe nominee Mila Kunis was seen engaged in deep discussion with Rodgers (Page Six calls it flirting, which probably means it's not) trying to impress him with her football knowledge.

Translation to gossip whores: OMG OMG DRAMA OMG
Translation to football fans: It must be good to be the king.

That leads you to all sorts of interesting questions: Is there a love triangle in the works? Will Szohr become a real-life Black Swan? Will people ever leave celebrities alone?  How bummed out will we all be if there's no football in six months and we have to deal with a year and a half of things like this?