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Cal Football 2011 Schedule: California Golden Bears To Play Presbyterian Blue Hose

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The California Golden Bears completed filling out their 2011 college football schedule after finalizing their last two open non-conference slots. First, Cal managed to ensure they will play Colorado to fulfill the backend of a home-and-home series, which means the Bears will be playing in Boulder on September 10th. Second, Cal managed to secure their last non-conference game against the Presbyterian Blue Hose, a member of the FCS Big South conference. That game is scheduled to be played September 17th in AT&T Park.

Presbyterian is not a good football team. In fact, they’re a pretty bad one, finishing 2-9 in their conference. But Cal needed a home date, and most other teams have filled out their schedules. This will look like a bit of a joke to the rest of the Pac-12 teams, but with only four true home games in their Pac-12 season (including a Thursday night contest against USC), plus a neutral site game against Fresno State, Cal could use a breather in their path to try and obtain bowl eligibility.

And before teams start crying out at Cal for scheduling this team, remember Oregon scheduled 2-9 FCS opponent Portland State and beat them up 69-0. The Ducks ended up in the National title game. No one remembers this because they won the rest of their games. If Cal can be respectable against the upper echelon, no one else will remember at the end of the season that they scheduled Presbyterian either.

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