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Aaron Rodgers Championship Belt Celebration Sweeping The Nation

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A few weeks ago, I doubt many people had heard of the way Green Bay Packers quarterback and former California Golden Bear great Aaron Rodgers would celebrate touchdown runs or big plays. After reaching the end zone, he'd bring his hands down to the belt area of his football pants, cup them in an O-shape, then sweep them apart, as if fastening the championship belt to his body. This is something he's done since he was on the practice squad  in waiting to supplant Brett Favre. He did it all postseason, even sneaking it in when being presented with the Super Bowl XLV MVP trophy after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now it might become the de facto celebration for Packers fans and Rodgers followers everywhere. His Twitter followers have lit up with all the ways they've used his celebration in their own public lives, and Rodgers seems to be all for it.

Best Twitter responses are up after the jump.

@: just fed a homeless man. Told him no matter his circumstances, he can still wear the belt
Rodgers responded, "With pride."

@Heard that when Mubarak stepped down in Cairo, protesters did massive belt. Crazy world

@: getting a dentition for doing the belt in the middle of class after getting a 100%
Rodgers responded, "Well worth it"

@Can chicks wear the belt too? Or is it just a guy thing?
Rodgers responded, "With a great belt comes great responsibility..."

@As a pastor, should I finish the Sunday message and put on the belt?
Rodgers responded, "Jesus wore the 1st championship belt i heard"

@: Did my 6 hour mail route in under 5. Got outta my mail truck.. did the championship belt in front of my boss.

"Is the championship belt an appropriate gesture in response to success on a math test?"
Rodgers responded, "Yes, of course. Have at it."

"As Kirk Gibson rounded the bases after his HR in the WS in '88 he only had the use of one arm, but it was a sweet one arm belt he put on"