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DeSean Jackson Discusses How Aaron Rodgers Got Him To Come To Cal

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One of the biggest "What if's" that will always leave Cal football fans up at night is whether the tandem of now Super Bowl winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers and wide receiver phenom DeSean Jackson would have delivered Cal that all-so elusive berth in the Rose Bowl and the BCS national championship game. Cal lost three of its games by a touchdown or less and played Pac-10 champions USC at home the year after Rodgers left and Jackson arrived. It'd be hard not to imagine a senior Rodgers throwing to Jackson and thriving in 2005.

Jackson went onto the Pro Football Talk radio show and discussed how Rodgers helped recruit him to Cal in the first place, and how Rodgers's ability to go into USC and dominate the Trojans defense so thoroughly, really struck a chord with the Long Beach Poly high recruit. Jackson dreamed of teaming up with Rodgers, although he never got the chance to do so, but he hardly begrudges Rodgers for leaving early to fulfill his dreams of being an NFL star (a dream Jackson himself fulfilled when he left Cal as a junior). You can tell that even in the pros, the respect is still there.

You can check out the full interview after the jump.

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Rodgers probably already owes Jackson quite a bit; without Jackson's punt return to beat the New York Giants in the second Miracle at the Meadowlands, Rodgers would have never made it to the playoffs and would never have won his first Super Bowl.