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Aaron Rodgers Probably Still Single, Also Wants To Be On Ellen Show

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Looks like Cal football great and Super Bowl Champion Aaron Rodgers is very much an eligible bachelor. Rodgers tweeted earlier today that the rumor that he is a Christian is true ... unlike other rumors about him that are false. And there's only been one real rumor floating around concerning Rodgers as of late.

Oh well, the good news for eligible bachelors out there is that Jessica Szohr is probably still single!

Rodgers is setting his goals modestly this offseason. For one, he wants to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show because his defensive counterpart Clay Matthews is already making the trip (DeGeneres has already said she would be happy to see Rodgers ... in Ellen underwear, whatever that means).

Finally, to keep this even semi-Cal related, here's some old tape of Rodgers trying to dance with Sports Illustrated model Marisa Miller in the buildup before the NFL Draft. Perhaps this video is the reason Rodgers dropped away from the San Francisco 49ers and 22 other teams; such a lack of groove isn't acceptable in the dance-friendly locker rooms of the National Football League.

Man. Are these the type of stories we all have to look forward to if there's a lockout? God help us all.