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2011 Holiday Bowl: California Golden Bears Will Play Texas Longhorns

Couldn't imagine a better close to the season for the Cal football team. They finish with three wins in their final four games, take a top ten team to the wire in the Stanford Cardinal. Now they're headed to the 2011 Holiday Bowl despite having only a 7-5 record. And they may be facing an old foe.

Stanford and Oregon are both returning to the BCS, meaning the Alamo Bowl will probably take the Washington Huskies as the next best Pac-12 option. Cal was next in line, and they received the Holiday Bowl bid.

The Texas Longhorns have had an average season, and appear to be fifth in line for the BCS. With the Alamo Bowl taking Baylor, the Cotton Bowl likely taking Kansas State, and the Insight Bowl probably taking the Oklahoma Sooners, the most attractive option for the Holiday is to take the Texas Longhorns.

There is some history between these two schools, even though they haven't played on the football field in quite some time. More on that later.

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