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Texas Longhorns Take Advantage Of Cal Miscues, Win 2011 Holiday Bowl 21-10

The Texas Longhorns didn't really have to do much to win the 2011 Holiday Bowl. They just had to wait for the California Golden Bears to cough up the football.

Cal lost the football five times, as Zach Maynard threw an interception and fumbled once, and C.J. Anderson, Isi Sofele and Marvin Jones each lost the ball once. Cal's defense only gave up seven points from those turnovers, but two of those fumbles came in pretty good field position, and a touchdown proved to be a big difference in this contest.

Cal's turnovers were one story, but their offensive line was totally overwhelmed. Maynard was sacked five times and the Cal run attack managed only 66 yards (Maynard lost a lot of yards on sacks and covering up bad snaps). The Bears could barely get any drives going, and Texas's two quick scoring drives proved to be enough of a difference in this one.

Cal's defense played fairly well, but the struggles on offense proved to be too much for the team to overcome as a group. The Bears finish the 2011 season at 7-6, the Longhorns improve to 8-5.

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