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Cal Vs. Texas Score Update: Marquise Goodwin, Longhorns Take 21-10 Lead In Holiday Bowl

The California Golden Bears are in deep trouble against the Texas Longhorns. They can't hold onto the football. They're up to four turnovers on the game, with two of the last ones on fumbles at midfield.

Cal seemed like they were in good shape after a solid drive to start the second half. Zach Maynard found Keenan Allen on three third down conversions to set up a quick Isi Sofele rushing score to give Cal a 10-7 lead, but Texas came right back with a huge drive, striking with a quick two minute drive. Malcolm Brown had some nice rushes, then track star Marquise Goodwin beat Marc Anthony down the field for a 47 yard score.

Cal had some nice field position on the next two drives, finding Marvin Jones for 10 and 16 yards, but an Isi Sofele fumble ended that drive. After a good Jones punt return gave Cal great field position deep in Longhorn territory, the Texas defense forced Cal backward, and Maynard fumbled the football on a sack on 3rd and long. A big 37 yard rush by Goodwin set up a Texas short touchdown run, and the Longhorns are in a dominant position early in the fourth.

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