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2011 Holiday Bowl: Texas Longhorns Start David Ash At QB

The mystery has been solved. David Ash will be the starter for the Texas Longhorns against the California Golden Bears.

No one in the Texas camp really knew whether it would be Ash or Case McCoy getting the nod tonight. Ash has struggled all season, completing only 56% of his passes, throwing way more picks than touchdowns and not starting a game since mid-November. McCoy has started the last few games and has put up better numbers, completing over 60% of his passes and throwing way more touchdowns than picks, but the decision has been made to go with Ash.

Cal's pass defense has been one of the best in the Pac-12, so they'll have to do their best to try and watch out for the run game to make sure Texas doesn't try to grind them into the ground with their running back platoon. Ash is probably a slightly better runner, although it's hard to qualify either of these QBs as real scramblers.

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