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2011 Holiday Bowl: Mychal Kendricks And Bears Defense Will Need To Contain Longhorns Rushers

The California Golden Bears are gearing up to face off against the Texas Longhorns in this year's Holiday Bowl on December 28. It's almost certain to be an interesting game, one which the Cal players and fans are eagerly looking forward to.

Bryan Fischer of CBS Sports points out that the key matchup in the game will be how well the Cal defense is able to contain the Texas ground game. Longhorns running backs Malcolm Brown and Joe Bergeron present a legitimate rushing threat. It will be up to linebacker Mychal Kendricks and the rest of the Golden Bears to hold them to short gains or stuff them completely.

Cedric Golden of the Austin American-Statesman suggests that the Longhorns should be more focused on answering questions about how the Texas team will hold together in the future, in the absence of their departing seniors, since that is the much more important story in the long run than this year's BCS game. I tend to believe that the Longhorns will be playing their hardest regardless of the big picture.

That's okay. The Golden Bears will be playing their hardest, too.

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