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2011 Holiday Bowl: Cal's Texas Players Can't Wait For Longhorns

The California Golden Bears are gearing up to take on the Texas Longhorns on December 28. John Crumpacker from the San Francisco Chronicle points out that fully 10 of the current Cal players originally hail from Texas. He recently had a chance to catch up with some of the native Texans, which revealed some choice quotes.

It never hurts to be reminded that some affiliations are never quite so simple as where you're from or where you currently hang out, as Daniel Lasco points out:

"I never really liked Texas at all even when they were recruiting me," said Daniel Lasco, a redshirt freshman tailback for the Bears. "My uncle went to A&M. I got Aggie in my blood. UT vs. A&M, big rivals."

Plenty more of the Golden Bears are eager to get to their bowl game and show the Longhorns what California football looks like. Cal cornerback Steve Williams, in particular, seems to be looking forward to the game for slightly more personal reasons:

"I wasn't recruited by Texas. That was the only team in the Big 12 I wasn't recruited by. I never really looked at Texas as the school I wanted to go to."

Crumpacker has a full list of the Cal players that hail from Texas, as well as plenty of additional quotes. Head over to SFGate and check out the full article.

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