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Cal Basketball Rocks Up Weber State

The California Golden Bears had what looked like an imposing matchup against the Weber St. Wildcats when they had to deal with a scoring machine in Damian Lilliard, top scorer in the country. Thankfully for Cal, Jorge Gutierrez was more than ready to lock him down.

Lilliard finished with a feeble 4 of 17 shooting performance with Gutierrez locking him down. Gutierrez then shot 8 of 12 from the field and had 24 points on the night as he dominated the game on both sides of the floor. Allen Crabbe added 16 points and and Harper Kamp and Richard Solomon each had 11.

The Bears also got great passing help from Justin Cobbs (six assists along with six points) and Brandon Smith (five assists) to ensure the ball kept moving and the Bears kept on scoring. Freshman David Kravish has another impressive outing, leading the Bears with eleven rebounds off the bench to go along with his six points.

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