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Cal Vs. Washington State Final Score: Isi Sofele And Rushers Lead Golden Bears To 30-7 Win

The California Golden Bears hosted the Washington State Cougars on Saturday night, and walked away with a decisive 30-7 victory.

The Cal win came largely on the strength of the rushing game. Three rushing touchdowns provided more than enough offense for the evening. Isi Sofele had a big night for Cal, picking up 138 yards on 23 yards with a touchdown. He also had a fumble that later led to the only Cougars score of the game. It was the only turnover for either team, but in the end it was his positive numbers for the night that will be remembered. Such are the benefits of a lopsided game like this.

Overall, Cal rushers would combine for 288 yards compared to 69 by Washington State. Cal defense kept the pressure on all evening, leading to an underwhelming game for quarterback Marshall Lobbestael and the rest of the Cougars.

Cal should definitely feel good about tonight's win. They nearly shut out a Pac-12 rival and now hold a winning record, sitting at 5-4 on the season.

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