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Michigan Football Recruiting: Shaq Thompson To Visit Wolverines

The Michigan Wolverines have to be liking how things are going this season. They're ranked. They're winning. They're recruiting extremely well.

And they can really finish things up strong if they land one of the top recruits on the West Coast.

Ace Anbender, recruiting analyst of MGoBlog, reports that Shaquille 'Shaq' Thompson appears to be ready to take a visit to Ann Arbor. According to Joe Davidson of the Sacramento Bee, he'll be heading there at the end of the month when Michigan takes on Ohio State.

Michigan fans can't be quite ready to get their hopes up too high. Thompson took his official visit to Notre Dame and seemed to enjoy his time there. But in the end, he said it wouldn't be a good fit, probably mostly because of the proximity from Sacramento. You can guess if South Bend is a little distant, Michigan won't be much better, but Brady Hoke has pulled off some pretty big recruiting victories up to this point, so don't count Thompson-to-Michigan out until he takes the trip.

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