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VIDEO: Joe Kapp Fights Angelo Mosca With His Cane And His Fists

Joe Kapp is one of the most beloved California Golden Bears alum out there. He's the last quarterback to lead Cal to the Rose Bowl, he was the head coach of the Bears during the Play, and he is generally beloved as being loyal to the Blue and Gold.

And at 73 years old, Kapp has proven he's still plenty spry. He went to a function with an old rival from the CFL at the CFL Alumni Legends Luncheon in Vancouver, and he was quick to start up something.


Kapp was going at it! Check out those fists flying! It looks like he's still got something based on the way that right hook connected with Mosca's head.

Perhaps Kapp went too far here and acted a little crazy, but that's kind of why Cal fans like him. His craziness is a little bit endearing, particularly to Canadians who really appreciate the fighting aspect of sport. Still, hopefully Kapp will issue an apology and we can move on from this while B.C. and Hamilton fans talk it up.

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