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Cal Vs. ASU Score Update: C.J. Anderson, Golden Bears Take 44-38 Lead

The California Golden Bears and the Arizona St. Sun Devils are trading points over and over again. Defense has been abandoned for one last offensive fireworks show to end the 2011 season for both teams.

ASU drove down the field early with a Cameron Marshall 34 yard rush and a pass interference penalty to help set up an Alex Garoutte field goal to put the Sun Devils up 31-27. But back came Cal with some big scores. Zach Maynard found Marvin Jones and Keenan Allen for some big completions on the next drive, and a Vontaze Burfict personal foul put Cal in the red zone. C.J. Anderson punched it in as Cal recaptured the lead.

The Sun Devils managed a decent drive on their next posession, but a holding penalty prevented a huge gain and forced a punt back to Cal. On one of the big plays on 3rd down, Maynard scrambled to his left, came outside, drew in the ASU defenders, and found Anderson leaking out of the backfield. C.J. then went streaking down the sideline for 74 yards to put Cal up 41-31.

ASU came right back almost immediately to score again when Brock Osweiler connected with Gerrell Robinson and Cameron Marshall went down the middle for 24 yards. Cal had a nice drive to start the fourth quarter, but couldn't punch it in the red zone and settled for a Giorgio Tavecchio field goal and a narrow six point lead early in the fourth.

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