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Cal Vs. ASU Score: Sun Devils Take Advantage Of Golden Bears Mistakes, Lead 28-27 At Halftime

The scoring isn't stopping in Tempe. It looks like the victor will be the team that scores last in this one.

With Cal up 17-14, the Bears looked ready to march again, but were stopped by penalties. ASU was forced to go three and out on the next drive though, and the Golden Bears took full advantage. Zach Maynard found Marvin Jones and Keenan Allen, Isi Sofele forced his way forward for a first down, and C.J. Anderson burst his way through the red zone to put the Bears back up ten. Osweiler then threw a pick to Marc Anthony on the next drive, and Cal turned it into a second Giorgio Tavecchio field goal to go up 13.

Cal looked like they were on the verge of blowing out ASU, but back came Osweiler and the Sun Devils. Osweiler drove the Sun Devils right down the field, took advantage of a ticky-tack pass interference call, and found Rashad Ross on a 35 yard reception in the end zone on 4th and 10. Richard Rodgers then fumbled the ball on a kickoff return, and ASU scored just before halftime to take the lead. It's been that type of game.

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