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2011 Bowl Projections: Cal Football Uncertain Of Where They'd End Up

The California Golden Bears still don't know where they're bowling. Things should clear up after this weekend, but anything is really possible depending on what they do and what a hundred other teams do.

If Cal wins their final game against Arizona State, at 7-5 they'd stand a good chance of elevating over Arizona State who would fall to 6-6. Cal would then be a highly desirable team to any of the upper-tier bowls remaining after they take Stanford and Oregon (USC is ineligible) and they could end up anywhere among the Alamo, Holiday or Sun Bowls. Washington seems slated for the third best bowl if they beat Washington State. Utah faces lowly Colorado and also has a good shot to finish the season stronger. The Cal-ASU winner could have a good shot to claim another one of those other spots. Any of those upper-tier games are on the line.

If Cal loses their final game against Arizona State, at 6-6 they would be dependent on what a lot of other teams do. Most likely they'd be relegated to one of the Las Vegas, Kraft Fight Hunger or even New Mexico Bowl slots. So the Bears probably do want to win to end up in the best possible bowl this week.

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