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Cal Vs. Stanford: The Big Game Moving To October Next Year?

The California Golden Bears and the Stanford Cardinal have long had a rivalry of playing The Big Game the first week of Thanksgiving. But that could be changing next year. Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News filed this report.

Barring a major last-minute change in the Pac-12 schedule, the 2012 Big Game will, in fact, be played in Oct. Have not confirmed the date.
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The Big Game has been in trouble for awhile in 2012. With the Pac-12 Championship game now slated for the first week of December for the long haul, that would mean Thanksgiving is next in line. But Cal and Stanford have been adamant about not playing their rivalry matchup on Thanksgiving weekend, which means the game has always been subject to a potential movement when the new Pac-12 television deal is in place. California fans do not want to ruin Big Game traditions, and Stanford fans are tied into the Notre Dame game.

Expect a lot of consternation from both sides if the announcement takes place.

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