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Cal Basketball Beats Up UC San Diego In Exhibition

The California Golden Bears men's basketball hope to make some noise on the hardwood this season. They started off the year with a beatdown of the UC San Diego Tritons.

The California Golden Bears are looking like they're ready to make some damage this season. They tuned things up against the UC San Diego Tritons.

Cal got off to a slow start and were trailing early in the first half as UCSD put all their hustle into the early game. The Tritons took an early lead before the Golden Bears asserted themselves and started running things the rest of the way.

Justin Cobbs led the run before halftime with 16 of the final 24 points, making some smooth and polished drives in traffic and finishing at the rim and getting and-one contact. Allen Crabbe picked up his game after halftime, with 12 of his 14 points coming in the second half, eight in the first few minutes. Seniors Jorge Gutierrez (7 points, 4 assists) and Harper Kamp (10 points, 5 rebounds) took backseats in this one, but they weren't really needed and got their buckets.

Freshman David Kravish impressed off the bench with quick eye-hand reaction, getting five blocks and eight rebounds even when he got beat toward the basket. Jeff Powers nailed five jumpers to finish with 12 points, and Robert Thurman showcased some nice moves underneath to get eight points.

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