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Big Game 2011: The Band Is Out On The Field Revisited

It has been years since 'The Play' happened -- you know, the one when the band ran on the field, the announcers started screaming and some poor tuba player got leveled in the end zone -- but it remains one of the most vividly remembered sequences in college football even to this day. 

With the Stanford Cardinal and California Golden Bears preparing for this year's version of the Big Game, we thought it would be appropriate to look back and reflect on the insanity that took place nearly three decades ago. We have a video after the jump...

With just four seconds remaining, Stanford led 20-19. In what was arguably the best ending in any collegiate sporting event, Cal used five lateral passes -- including one from a lineman that was about two inches away from being down by contact -- and took it all the way to the house.

Do you remember where you were during the time of the play? Were you among the Bears fans screaming your head off and jumping around, or were you a Cardinal fan with a look of complete unbelief on your face? And what about the band member who was pummeled in the end zone?

Aren't rivalry games great?