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PHOTO: Cal Football Debuts All-White Uniforms vs. Oregon

It was rumored that the California Golden Bears could be playing in all-white uniforms for the first time in forever, although no one could really get official confirmation about this before Cal took the field in Autzen against the Oregon Ducks. Someone did take a shot of Cal football players in their new uniforms though, and we do have a confirmation that the polar bear look will be on display tonight.

After the jump, take a look at the new Cal look, with their first ever usage of white helmets, white uniforms, white socks. (HT to calbearsonline, who snapped both of these close-up shots!)

Here's the Cal offense breaking the pregame huddle.

Cal football debuts their all-white uniform look against the Oregon Ducks on Thursday night!

Check out the "California" also at the bottom of the stripe on the helmet. Click here for the larger version of the image.


Not a bad response to the Oregon Fighting Ducks styling, who will ultimately be the focus tonight of the ESPN cameras, but this stormtrooper look is pretty sleek as well.

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