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Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Recruiting: Nate Iese Liking Huskers

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have their eyes on a solid-looking prospect from the Sacramento area, and they might just be able to pluck him away from local Pac-12 schools!

Nate Iese from Sheldon Highhas received interest from local schools like UCLA, Oregon State, Washington and Nevada, but it's starting to look like an offer from the Nebraska Cornhuskers will trump anything else on the table. Sam McKewon of Big Red Today reports.

"I’m still open to any other program that wants to recruit me but right now I’m looking hard at Nebraska and UCLA," Iese told 24/7 Sports, a recruiting partner with The World-Herald. "Coach (Carl) Pelini is recruiting me from Nebraska and they are showing me a lot of interest. They are just a great football university and a great college academically."

"UCLA is also very solid in academics and football. They are obviously a lot closer to home, but that doesn’t matter to me. If Nebraska is the best fit for me, then I won’t think twice about leaving California."

Here's some tape from his junior season that proves that Iese could very well evolve into a monster on the next level.

Iese has shown the potential to play both tight end and defensive end, and Nebraska definitely needs some help at either position with depth pretty low there. Although UCLA seems to be the main competitor for his services, if you look at the upside of being a Husker defender over being a Bruins defender, it's no contest right now.

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