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Cal Football vs. Oregon: Golden Bears Try To Score Huge Upset In Autzen

The California Golden Bears will play the Oregon Ducks on Thursday night in a crucial Thursday matchup. Can the Cal defense step up their game like last season?

The California Golden Bears know that their season still doesn't quite have a trajectory to it. They'll have a better idea after their trip to Eugene and their battle with the Oregon Ducks.

Up to this point, Oregon has a lot more questions in 2011 than they did during their national championship quest in 2010. In their last matchup against Arizona, Oregon got off to a hot start before their defense got scorched against Nick Foles and the Wildcats in the second half.  However, their offense is still scorching after getting throttled in LSU. Oregon has put up 69, 56 and 56 points through their first three victories this season, and the vulnerable Cal defense looks like their next target.

Zach Maynard, Isi Sofele, Keenan Allen and Marvin Jones need to be ready to put up the points against a rebuilding Oregon front seven, because it's uncertain whether they can trust their defense to hold up their end of the bargain. Cal has proven that their offense is plenty functional this season, and a functional offense could have upset Oregon last season at their peak. But the defense isn't quite as talented as it was last season, so what will give on Thursday night under the lights of Eugene?

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