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Cal Vs. UCLA Score Update: Bruins Lead 17-7 Thanks To Kevin Prince, Golden Bears Turnovers

The UCLA Bruins have looked really good on the ground game despite the lack of a relative passing game. UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince has totally been gashing Cal's defense on the ground. The Golden Bears are missing inside linebacker Mychal Kendricks, and his presence has been missed as the Cal defense has bit over and over on the wrong player and lost gap contain. Prince has rushed for 64 yards, and Johnathan Franklin and Derrick Coleman have a rushing touchdown each.

The California Golden Bears are just playing badly. They've turned the ball over twice deep in their own territory on a Zach Maynard overthrow interception and a botched handoff exchange with Isi Sofele, handing over ten free points to the Bruins. Cal might have been shut out in this first half if not for a Prince fumble of his own deep in his territory, setting up a Sofele rushing TD to give Cal an early lead. It's been all Bruins since then.

On the bright side, Bryan Anger has looked real good booming those punts.

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