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Mike Montgomery Clear Of Cancer, Set To Resume Coaching Full Time

There was a healthy dose of good news coming out of the Pac-12 media day on Friday. California Golden Bears head basketball coach Mike Montgomery spoke with the press about his recent procedure to combat bladder cancer, and the outlook is good.

Via Ryan Gorcey of Yahoo! News, Montgomery underwent surgery to remove a cancerous polyp in his bladder that indicated high grade cancer. Since then, he has been told that the diagnosis is clear. Montgomery also noted that the cancer was found at precisely the right time. His doctor told him that if he had gotten checked out three months earlier, the cancer would not have been found, and if he had gone in six months from now, he probably wouldn't be here.

In terms of the impact on the Cal team, Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo! Sports reports that Montgomery expects to return to coaching full time next week, "Much to the players' chagrin." It's good to see that Montgomery is already feeling up to joking with the media.

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