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VIDEO: LaDainian Tomlinson Has Aaron Rodgers Over Mark Sanchez As His Fantasy Football QB

Is L.T. pondering a new home after this season? Tomlinson is entering free agency, and this video spot previewing Ben Stiller's new movie 'Tower Heist' makes you wonder if he'd love to be a Green Bay Packer next season.

(via TowerHeist)

Poor Mark Sanchez. It's bad enough you've been struggling to stay on top as the New York Jets starting quarterback, but now your backmate in the lineup starting another quarterback over you on your fantasy team has to be a tough one to swallow. This is tough for Sanchez because L.T. openly admits it to an A-list celebrity. How will Sanchez be able to cope with the fallout?

Of course, Aaron Rodgers over everyone is pretty much a given at this point. So I imagine if Ben Stiller polled most of the players in the league who'd they want starting for them under center on Sundays, you'd probably get the same boring answer.