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Joshua Garnett Admitted To Stanford, Has Not Committed To Cardinal Though

Josh Garnett is one of the premier offensive tackles on the West Coast, and has not really narrowed his list up to this point. But he could have given off a huge clue as to where he might end up with a little piece of news that was broken a few days ago.

Brandon Huffman of Scout gave the report that Garnett has officially been admitted to Stanford on an official basis. This doesn't mean Garnett is committing to the Cardinal football program, but it's a positive sign that he's strongly considering heading to Palo Alto next year. 

It would make sense for Garnett to really like Stanford. The Cardinal probably have mounted one of the toughest offensive lines in the conference through the last three seasons, and they will likely send two linemen like David DeCastro and Jonathan Martin to the NFL. The academically-inclined Garnett would have to be attracted to the stability of Stanford as well.

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