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Byron Marshall Eliminates Notre Dame, Didn't Visit South Bend For USC Game

Byron Marshall has kept his recruitment close to the vest. The Army All-American named a top six--(ASU, Cal, Notre Dame, Oregon, USC, Washington), and really hasn't revealed anything past that. Until now.

According to various Notre Dame recruiting sites, the Valley Christian running back from San Jose cancelled his official visit to South Bend for last weekend ($). The reason he didn't visit is private (you must have a paid account with 247Sports to find out why), but what is known is that the Fighting Irish are no longer in contention to land him. That is a pretty significant blow to Notre Dame recruiting.

If I had to guess what Marshall's final five would be, they'd be the remaining five schools that he listed earlier--the Arizona St. Sun Devils, the California Golden Bears, the Oregon Ducks, the USC Trojans, and the Washington Huskies all seem to be in the running for one of the top runners in the West.  Looks like the Pac-12 will have at least one marquee runner joining their ranks next season.

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