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Former Cal Bear Tony Gonzalez Passes Marvin Harrison For No. 2 On All Time Reception List

Former California Golden Bear star and current Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez has been a long-time star in the NFL. He has been one of the best all-around tight ends for nearly a decade. As he hits the midway point of his 15th season, Gonzalez is continuing to march his way up the record. With four first half receptions against the Detroit Lions, Tony Gonzalez passed Marvin Harrison for second on the career receptions list.


This is impressive for anybody, but for a tight end to be climbing this list, it is all the more amazing. Shannon Sharpe is the next closest tight end at No. 21. Gonzalez has 1,103 receptions and trails Jerry Rice who sits in first with 1,549 receptions. While Gonzalez likely won't catch Jerry Rice by the end of his career, he has still put together a Hall of Fame-worthy career.


Gonzalez was already Canton-bound before passing Harrison, but this just further cements his legacy as arguably the greatest tight end in NFL history. Congratulations to Tony for this historic achievement.